"Pietzsch" is the 8,782nd most popular family name in the United Sates of America.  Common or not, the Pietzsch family name has been shared by scientists, engineers, illustrators, programmers, farmers, ranchers, firemen, policemen, mechanics, builders, grocers, chefs, soldiers, sailors, some tinkers, and yes, even a few tailors.

Whether from aardvark or antelope to zebra or zygote, a Pietzsch has seen every creatures bitter side.  Yup, for every animal that deficates there's a Pietzsch who's stepped in it.    Our greatest source of pride is to be a willing part of every bad thing that happens.  One hopes, a good part.  "Pietzsch" roughly translates to "the faithful one". ("pietz" - or pious, faithful, reverent and "sch" - ish, or is).  We live to serve.

A Pietzsch has lent a helping hand in every disaster or calamity you could imagine - fires, famines, fratricides, and even fashion disasters, too (uh, did I mention some Pietzsch's were tailors?).  A member of this family has proudly served in every war and conflict since before the American Civil War and in every US branch of service. 

Remember the bible story in which God asks "Who will go and defend Me against the Romans?"  It was a distant relative to a Pietzsch who called out "Me, send me, Lord!".

Are we a proud family?  No.  We're a damn proud family.  And especially proud of  America.  Especially in these most trying of times.

Because this is when my family is at it's best.